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    HYLAK Bakelite Hylam's Polyster Resins
    The HYLAK ranges of Polyester Resins include orthophthalates, isophthalates, bisphenol fumerates, and vinlester.
    Our semi-automatic resin plant with the largest capacity in the country produces a range of resins which meet rigid international standards. And as the needs of the market undergo a change.

    These resins are based on phthalic anhydrite and are formulated for end product use in ordinary indoor-outdoor conditions. Special chemicals are incorporated to provide specific function behavior. Manufacturers of household furniture, boats and marine equipment, and even construction panels use these polyester resins for applications where light weight and durability are the important requirement. This class of resin also includes roof light resins, cultured marbles resin and resins for the automotive industry.

    HYLAK isophthalic resin combines good corrosion resistance with excellent physical strength properties. These are available in different reactivates and viscosity ranges to cater to different processing needs. Their superior chemical resistance towards most mineral and organic acids, solvents and oils at ambient temperature makes them the ideal choice for storage of food and chemicals. This class of resin also includes resins for smc/dmc applications.

    HYLAK bisphenol fumerates resins are modified to suit the specified requirement of highly corrosive chemical process industry. These resins provide superior strength retention over wide range of corrosive conditions and high temperature. They are used in the fabrication of chemical process and storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, pickling tank, fume scrubbers and pollution control equipment. Specially formulated HYLAK bisphenol resins are used as binders for glass fiber chopped strand mats.

    HYLAK vinyl ester resins are produced by chemically combining on ethylenically unsaturated monocarboxylic acid to an epoxy resin. As a result, they combine the excellent chemical and mechanical properties of epoxy resins with the ease of processing of unsaturated polyester resins. They are notably for their high temperature chemical resistance; low volumetric shrinkage, better adhesion and higher tensile elongation. Vinyl ester resins are successfully used in the following areas:
  • Chlor-alkali industry
  • Paper pulp industry
  • Phosphoric acid and fertilizer production
  • Transportation and storage of corrosive chemicals

    Bakelite Hylam offers a wide range of flame-retardant resins for the fibre-reinforced plastics industry. They are engineered especially for translucent roof panels, computers and application, housing, fume-handling equipment and a variety of consumer and recreational items. Hylak class IFR resin meets the most exacting demands of Indian defence and Indian railways.

    Hylam gel coat resins containing optimum amount of thixotropic agents are available in sprayable and handlay-up consistencies. They offer superior abrasion and chemical resistance- although for critical applications, resins without thixotropic agents should be used. Wherever superior water resistance is desired, our NPG-based gelcoats offer special advantages in applications.
    Our Manufacturing Plants:
    Sanathnagar Plant Nacharam Plant Jeedimetla Plant Balarshah Plant