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Nacharam Plant


You'll discover that Phenotherm is a superior insulation material as it has a host of distinctivefeatures which makes it so. Phenotherm is cost-effective too. Which means investing in it is money well spent in the long run.
Phenotherm Sheets, Pipe Sections, Segments, Elbows and other Pre-fab profiles are applied in HVAC & R Applications in Universities, Medical Facilites, Offices, Airports, Underground Railway Terminals, Cinema Complexes, Shopping Arcades, and other Public Utilites.

Phenotherm, has special features that enable it to resist fire. Phenotherm conforms to the highest fire rating standards and has been tested as per the following BS Standards.

  Phenotherm is available in the form of Slabs, Pipe Sections, Buns/Blocks
 Phenotherm Slabs range
Density:35, 40, 50, 60 kg/M3
Facings:Kraft Paper, Aluminium, Decorative Laminates, Decorative Paper
30, 55mm1M x 1M; 1M x 1/2M; 2` x 2`; 4` x 2`
40, 50, 60mm1M x 1M; 1M x 1/2M;
75mm1M x 1/2M
 Phenotherm Pipe sections range
Density:40 to 50 kg/M3
Facings:Bare, Aluminium
Normal Bore:1/2" to 14" and above on request
25,55,40,50,60,75 & 100mmIRMT
   Phenotherm Features
Fire PropertiesPHENOTHERMUrethane (Polyurethane & Polyisocyanurate)Expanded Polystyrene
IgnitionNon-BurningCatches FireBurns Instantly
Smoke-GenerationNegligible (less than 5% obscuration)Very HighHigh
Toxicity of SmokeNilToxic gases like Hydrogen Cyanide and Nitrogen Oxide are producedNil
Flame SpreadVery lowHighNormal Duty (ND) - Very high TF - High
Self-RetentionDuring continuous fire, it turns dark brown and shows surface cracksBurns off in a continuous fire with intense flame and loses shapeMelts and drips and loses shape
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