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Balarshah Plant

Decoboard is brought to you by Bakelite Hylam Ltd., manufacturers of the finest and widest range of decorative and industrial laminates in the country. Incorporated in 1947, it is the country's oldest company in the field of thermosets. Our strong R & D ensures quality that meets International Standards - this is borne out by the 11 consecutive Export Awards received by them. Decoboard is available in Plains, Commercial Veneered Particle Board, Teak Veneered Particle Board as well as in Prelaminated Board.

It fits into every need like wardrobes, kitchen tops, kitchen cabinets, stools, beds, book shelves, study tables, showcases etc., very conveniently. There are shades to suit any kind of ambience you wish to have. High quality, durability and easy maintenance make Decoboard an ideal choice for homes and offices alike. Now you can have elegant wall panelling, sleek work stations, attractive partitions which don't give you the walled-in feeling. All this can be achieved very economically with Decoboard.

  • Available in Plain and Prelaminated particle board, Commercial Veneered Particle Board and Teak Veneered Particle Boards.
  • It is the finest quality reconstituted three-layered particle board.
  • Replaces conventional timber and plywood
  • Available in select shades
  • Conservationist measure, uses forest waste or agro waste
  • Termite resistant
  • Available in both Interior and Exterior grade
  • Size 8' x 4' - in select wood patterns. Size 9' x 6' and 6' x 3' - in select plain colours
  • The plain particle board is stamped IS 3087 - Grade II.
  • Prelimanated particle board conforms to IS 12823.
  • Anti fungal
  • Guage application chart for DECO BOARD for Residential / Office interiors
      OSD - One Side Decorative
      BSD - Both Side Decorative
      PPB - Plain Particle Board
      mm 9 12 16 18 21.5 25 12 18 21.5 25 35
    Panelling OSD                  
    Partitions OSD/BSD                
    False Ceiling OSD                  
    Cavity Flooring PPB                    
    Filing Cabinet OSD                
    Wall Unit OSD/BSD                
    Cupboard OSD/BSD                  
    Wardrobe OSD/BSD                  
    Dining Table OSD                  
    Kitchen Cabinet OSD                    
    Bed Sides OSD/BSD                    
    Bed-Mattress Spread PPB                    
    Flush Door BSD                  
    Panel Door OSD/BSD              
    Storage Unit OSD                  
    Printer's Block Making PPB                  
    Our Manufacturing Plants:
    Sanathnagar Plant Nacharam Plant Jeedimetla Plant Balarshah Plant