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  Industrial Laminates:

The first Industrial Laminate manufactured in India, Hylam is a tough and versatile engineering material for electrical and mechanical use. It is light in weight, a good electrical insulator, and resistant to water and chemical. Bakelite Hylam gives you
  • Paper Base Laminates
  • Fabric Base Laminates
  •  Decorative Laminates:
      The original decorative laminates from the pioneer - Bakelite Hylam Ltd - are produced in factory with German and European machines with unmatched facilities; quality is built into every Bakelite Hylam product. The brand brings to you the assurance of over 50 years of experience, the very best of production and R & D facilities, not to mention the commitment of over 65 Engineers and scientists working for you.

  • Decolam
  • Decolite
  • Durasurf
  • Decolam Elite
    Bakelite Hylam Limited is the only company to have the entire range of phenolic resins for varied end uses like foundries (hot box, cold box and shell moulding), brake linings, grinding wheels, textile, equipment, tyres, rubber adhesives, arc carbons, plywood bonding, cork bindings, refractories etc.
      Insulating Varnishes:
    Bakelite varnishes include a range of products based on know-how from Sterling Technology Limited of U.K. Used for impregnating electrical coil windings, air drying applications, silicone varnishes for class 'C' applications, water and solvent based core plate varnishes. Varnish for glass fiber sleeves and hermetic motors.
      Moulding Material:
    These are heat-hardening material based on phenolic resins and fillers. The mouldings produced from Hymold are resistant to heat, water and most chemicals. Used for moulding components in switchgear, appliances, telecommunications, railways etc.
    Our Manufacturing Plants:
    Sanathnagar Plant Nacharam Plant Jeedimetla Plant Balarshah Plant