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These are heat-hardening material based on phenolic resins and fillers. The mouldings produced from Hymold are resistant to heat, water and most chemicals. Used for moulding components in switchgear, appliances, telecommunications, railways etc.
  General Purpose:
Cooker handles, rotary switches , overload protectors, relays boxes, relay cover, lamp holders, push buttons, textile machinery parts[bobbins], meter covers, mixie bases, fuse holders, toaster end plates, grill handles, switch covers, switch base, fuse boxes, knobs, castor wheels, control & metering valves for gas meters etc.

Plugs &sockets, meter covers & base, fuse gear, connector boxes, distribution boards, light fittings, telephone relay spacers, switchgear components, circuits breakers, connectors, iron handles, ignition coil towers, rotor arms, distributor caps, washing machine agitation, circuit board stiffner frame, coil bobbins, motor housings, terminal blocks, extractor fans etc.

Torque converter reactors, drive pulleys, thrust washers, brake pistons, fuel ralls, transmission reactors/ stators, thermostat housing, water pumps, impellers, throttle bodies, solenold covers, brush holders, slip rings, commutators, brake valve bodies, piston guide, ash trays, starter motors, voltage regulators, screen wiper motors etc.

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